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Dia-60 for Diabetes Management

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  • Herbal Diabetes Care
  • Ayurvedic Diabetes Care
  • Ayurvedic sugar Care
  • Herbal Sugar treatment

Sugar is a condition that affects blood sugar levels and causes many serious health problems if left untreated or uncontrolled. There is no treatment for sugar, but it can go into exemption. People can manage it with a change in medicine and lifestyle.
This product is made up of fifteen rich ingredients which manages blood sugar and stimulates the pancreas for normal glucose metabolism, which hamper complications related to sugar . Captain’s Dia-60 is used for clinical trials to help reduce the fasting blood glucose levels and restore health. It is an effective Ayurvedic anti diabetic supplement that comes in powder and capsules on exquisite range. We manufacture and supply Captain’s Dia-60 Nectar Herbal Powder and Capsule is on special range for our customers. This herbal powder helps control sugar . According to customers’ requirements, we provide this herbal powder to our customers.
Eating well is the greatest happiness in life. If you have sugar , you have to keep away from eating a variety of healthy foods, including some of your favorite foods. People suffering from sugar need as much nutrition as anyone else. Captain’s Dia-60 helps you to manage your sugar and control your sugar level so that you can enjoy food without feeling deprived of your food.


  1. Gurmar: 100 mg
  2. Vijaysar: 100 mg
  3. Saptrangi: 100 mg
  4. Karela 100 mg
  5. Nime: 100 mg
  6. Amla: 75 mg
  7. Devdar: 75 mg
  8. Giloya: 75 mg
  9. Kalmegh: 25 mg
  10. Chiraita: 10 mg
  11. Alovera: 45mg
  12. Palash: 45mg
  13. Jamun: 100mg
  14. Arjun: 25 mg
  15. Mulethi: 25 mg

Captain’s Dia-60 Capsule each 500 mg capsule contains of:

  • Vijaysar (Ext.): 75 mg
  • Gurmar (Ext.): 75 mg
  • Jamun (Ext.): 75mg
  • Amla (Ext.): 25mg
  • Tulsi (Ext.): 50mg
  • Aloevera (Ext.): 25 mg
  • Haldi (Ext.): 25 mg
  • Jaiphal: 25 mg
  • Dalchini: 25 mg
  • Shilajeet: 100 mg

Captain’s Dia-60 powder each 1 gm contains powder of:

  • Vijaysar: 650 mg
  • Amla: 100 mg
  • Chandan (red): 50 mg
  • Tulsi: 100 mg
  • Daruhaldi: 100 mg
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Captain Biotech
Captain Biotech
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Captain’s Dia-60 for Diabetes Management
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1 review for Dia-60 for Diabetes Management

  1. Alex

    very helpful medicine for my sugar control

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